Handwritten thank you notes, letters, or cards demonstrate your appreciation to customers, vendors and employees.

At Postalgia, we’ll print and mail your handwritten business thank-you cards for you. Using real ink, you send handwritten letters, notes, or cards penned by robots but remarkably human to recipients.

Customizable handwritten thank you cards, for your business

Your written cards, notes or letters are highly customizable because we accept unlimited variables, such as your customer’s name. So you can be confident you’re sending authentic, impactful communications.

Level up your customization by selecting customized designs with your logo, style, colors, and more. Click here to get more details on how it works!


Stick out with handwritten thank you notes

A handwritten thank-you card or letter instantly creates a memorable and personal connection with the recipient.  Remember: these days, a handwritten note is rare because many have grown used to receiving dozens of messages by email, social media, and text every day.

Be different, with handwritten notes sent by mail.

Handwritten notes don’t need to be time-consuming or complex. Postalgia makes it easy.

How Our Handwritten Thank You Notes Work

Our robots can create handwritten pieces at scale for every organization’s budget.  Customize your notes using your writing style choice, so you can say what you want to say how you want to say it.  We add real ink and even your unique design, so you really stand out.

Postalgia makes it so easy to say thank you with just a few simple steps:

  1. Customize your design. Every aspect of your postcard or note, including the graphics and layout, is unique to you. We can even help create a new design if you need one.
  2. Choose your handwriting. Pick the style and ink color that best suits you.
  3. Craft your message with multiple variables. Personalize your note with the person’s name, which gets inserted right into your message.
  4. Print envelopes, fold stamp and mail. We do everything for you – so you can concentrate on building your client base!

In only a few steps, you can make handwritten notes your competitive advantage.  Deepen your relationship and grow your business right now.

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