Pen. Paper. Robots.

Opening a handwritten letter is a special moment. Postalgia helps you produce them in large quantities, using robots that write with the personality of a human hand.

Send us your note and recipient list, and our robots put pen to paper. You’ll be impressed, and your recipients will too.

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Fully personalized communication

See what you can do with Postalgia.

Postalgia Typed
Refer to each recipient by name
Realistic writing, no two letters are the same
Add your own signature and customizations

Effortless delivery

You send us your files, we handle everything else:

We handwrite the notes and envelopes
We seal and stamp the envelopes
We send to you or your recipients

"At ZipRecruiter, we used Postalgia’s cards to book meetings with high-value enterprise prospects. I was blown away by the response rate, including prospects specifically referencing the cards when Account Executives followed up, and the huge ROI." Morgan Hayduk, Fmr Senior Manager, Marketing Partnerships @ ZipRecruiter ziprecruiter-1024×512-20171113

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