Grab your client’s attention with handwritten notes

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Whether you’re sending out a campaign to find your next buyer or seller, reactivating clients with a quarterly market report, or driving referrals, Postalgia has a handwritten solution to help you do good. Using real ink, we’ll design, print, write and mail your handwritten, personalized letters, client holiday cards, market reports, newsletters, and much more.

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Use unlimited variables – such as your client’s name, their address or neighbourhood, or the type of property your buyer is looking for – to ensure that you’re sending authentic, impactful communications.

A handwritten letter instantly creates a memorable and personal connection with the recipient.

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Every campaign we send is custom designed to stand out, to get open, and to be read with the attention that only the handwritten card commands.


A handwritten notecard adds a personal touch and tangibility, making it a memorable and effective way to build and maintain relationships.


A handwritten address guarantees your recipient will open the envelope. Handwriting can create a personal touch that distinguishes the envelope from others and catch the recipient’s attention.


An executive letter can convey professionalism, attention to detail, and personalization, making it a powerful tool for establishing and maintaining relationships with clients.


A postcard is a simple yet effective way to strengthen relationships, build loyalty, and encourage referrals.


A newsletter is an effective tool for keeping clients and prospects informed about the latest real estate trends, news, and events, while also showcasing your expertise, building credibility, and staying top of mind for potential business opportunities.


Sending holiday cards is a powerful way to generate goodwill, strengthen relationships, and show appreciation to clients and colleagues.


Build a campaign that fits the needs of your business.

How Our Handwritten Thank You Notes Work

In only a few steps, you can make handwritten notes your competitive advantage. Deepen your relationships and grow your donations right now.

Design Customize


Customize your design. Every aspect of your postcard or note, including the graphics and layout, is unique to you. We take care of the graphic design at no extra charge.

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Choose your handwriting. Pick the style and that best suits you.

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Craft your message with multiple variables. Personalize your note with the person’s name, which gets inserted right into your message.

Customize Envelope


Print envelopes, fold stamp and mail. Personalize your note with the person’s name, which gets inserted right into your message. Our campaign strategists bring best practices learned over hundreds of campaigns to help you word your message perfectly.

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Let us take care of the rest. We do everything for you – printing, writing, inserting, sealing, stamping, and mailing your envelopes, letters, cards, and/or postcards – so that you can focus on the cause that gets you up in the morning.


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