Grab your donor’s attention with handwritten notes

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Whether you’re sending out your end-of-year solicitation to your donor base, reactivating lapsed donors with a stewardship outreach note, or keeping volunteers, donors, and stakeholders informed with a quarterly impact report, Postalgia has a handwritten solution to help you do good.

Using real ink, we’ll design, print, write and mail your handwritten, personalized fundraising letters, donor thank-you cards, philanthropic reports, newsletters, and much more.

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Use unlimited variables – such as your donor’s name, the size of the gift you’re asking for, or the issue closest to their heart – to ensure that you’re sending authentic, impactful communications.

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A handwritten letter instantly creates a memorable and personal connection with the recipient.

Every campaign we send is custom designed to stand out, to get open, and to be read with the attention that only the handwritten card commands.


Notecards can be a highly effective and personal way for nonprofits to express gratitude and build relationships with donors, as it shows that the organization values and appreciates their contributions on an individual level.

Outer Envelope

A handwritten envelope increases the likelihood that they will open the envelope. Handwriting can create a personal touch that distinguishes the envelope from others, which can help it stand out in a pile of mail and catch the recipient’s attention.

Executive Letter

This is a powerful tool for nonprofits to communicate with stakeholders and convey the organization’s vision, achievements, and goals. It carries authority and importance, which emphasizes the significance of the organization’s message.

Pledge Card & Reply Envelope

Pledge cards provide a convenient and tangible way for donors to commit to making a donation. They are reminders for donors to follow through on their commitment and help build a sense of accountability and engagement between the donor and the organization.


Newsletters provide regular updates on the organization’s activities, accomplishments, and future plans. They can also be used to share stories, successes, and challenges, which can help engage and inspire readers and create a sense of community around the organization’s mission.

Holiday card

By sending a holiday card, nonprofits can express gratitude for the support and contributions received throughout the year, and also acknowledge the importance of the recipient’s role in the organization’s mission.

Birthday Card

A personal and meaningful way to show appreciation and celebrate donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders on their special day.

Thank You Card

Thank you cards are a key part of good stewardship. It builds relationships, increase donor loyalty, and encourage continued support and engagement.

Custom Campaign

Build a campaign that fits the needs of your nonprofit.

How Our Handwritten Thank You Notes Work

In only a few steps, you can make handwritten notes your competitive advantage. Deepen your relationships and grow your donations right now.

Design Customize


Customize your design. Every aspect of your postcard or note, including the graphics and layout, is unique to you. We take care of the graphic design at no extra charge.



Choose your handwriting. Pick the style and that best suits you.

Note Content


Craft your message with multiple variables. Personalize your note with the person’s name, which gets inserted right into your message.

Customize Envelope


Print envelopes, fold stamp and mail. Personalize your note with the person’s name, which gets inserted right into your message. Our campaign strategists bring best practices learned over hundreds of campaigns to help you word your message perfectly.

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Let us take care of the rest. We do everything for you – printing, writing, inserting, sealing, stamping, and mailing your envelopes, letters, cards, and/or postcards – so that you can focus on the cause that gets you up in the morning.

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