Printed card with a handwritten message – Pricing

Prices include a printed card with a handwritten message, matched, inserted, sealed, and stamped in a hand addressed envelope.

Postage Prices

USA nonprofit stamp

Non-profit postage: Included

Marketing Mail Stamp

Marketing mail postage: $0.20 surcharge

First Class Forever Stamp

First class postage: $0.53 surcharge

Indicia-CDN flag_Postalgia

Personalized Mail Indicia: $0.538 surcharge

canada first class_r2

First Class Stamps: $0.99 surcharge

Annual QuantityPrice under 2,500$3.03 USD per unit 2,500$2.28 USD per unit 5,000$1.78 USD per unit 10,000$1.28 USD per unit 25,000$1.08 USD per unit 50,000$0.98 USD per unit 100,000$0.88 USD per unit 250,000$0.78 USD per unit 500,000$0.73 USD per unit 1,000,000$0.68 USD per unit
Annual QuantityPrice under 2,500$3.78 CAD per unit 2,500$2.77 CAD per unit 5,000$2.09 CAD per unit 10,000$1.42 CAD per unit 25,000$1.15 CAD per unit 50,000$1.01 CAD per unit 100,000$0.88 CAD per unit 250,000$0.74 CAD per unit 500,000$0.68 CAD per unit 1,000,000$0.61 CAD per unit

Prices are exclusive of sales tax