Meet the Mailers: Mail with a Personal Touch

By: EmMa Matern
November 1, 2023
  In the recent episode of “Meet the Mailers” – Episode 29 entitled “Postalgia: Mail with a Personal Touch”, our very own CEO, Ilan Mann, spoke with the esteemed Paul...

Write a Personal Donor Birthday Card in 7 Seconds

By: Ilan Mann
May 15, 2023
Have you ever wanted to send a truly personal and handwritten birthday card to all of your donors, but found it to be too time-consuming and impractical? Well, imagine being...

5 Reasons Why Handwritten Notes Are Powerful

By: EmMa Matern
July 31, 2022
  Technology has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, with people sending hundreds of instant messages and corporate emails per day. PostGrid wrote an article titled “Direct Mail Statistics You...

The Benefit of Thanking Your Customers

By: Ilan Mann
August 10, 2021
Gratitude. It’s such a simple word to say. In reality, it has so much meaning. And it means different things to different people. It can even anchor your business strategy....

How to Make a Thank-You Note More Memorable

By: Ilan Mann
August 2, 2021
Thank-you cards are a straightforward concept: they convey gratitude for a kind deed, statement, or gift. For the writer, the formality of a handwritten thank you might be overwhelming. Many...

6 Ways to Shake Up How You Say ‘Thank You!’

By: Ilan Mann
July 30, 2021
It isn’t always what you say that matters nearly as much as how you say it. That is something businesses, charities, non-profits, and individuals need to understand when it comes...

5 Easy Ways To Market Your Small Business Using Handwritten Notes

By: Ilan Mann
July 13, 2021
Handwritten notes are a tried-and-true method of communicating with new or prospective clients. Writing a customized handwritten message demonstrates there is a person behind the scenes at the heart of...

Four Handwritten Letters From History That Had A Big Impact

By: Ilan Mann
July 12, 2021
Around these parts, we are big believers in the power of the written word. In fact, our whole business model centres on the belief that handwritten letters can change your...

7 Most Common Business Thank You Note Mistakes

By: Ilan Mann
July 2, 2021
It’s common knowledge that a thank-you note is an essential part of business etiquette, but believe it or not, there are many ways to do it wrong. As we have...

How One Company Built A Business With Thank You Notes

By: Ilan Mann
June 4, 2021
You know that feeling when you receive a handwritten thank you note in the mail? It’s like an instant boost of happiness and appreciation for someone who took their time...

6 Tips For Realtors On How To Craft The Perfect Prospecting Letter

By: Ilan Mann
May 12, 2021
One of the most challenging parts of being a realtor – what separates the greats from those who are scraping by – is the ability to attract listings. If it...

Are Handwritten Notes Dead?

By: Ilan Mann
May 6, 2021
In an age where we have lost the art of human interaction and replaced it with a keyboard, few things are as important as sending a handwritten note or letter....

Handwritten Notes for Realtors: How To Maximize Client Touchpoints

By: Ilan Mann
April 16, 2021
The real estate industry is a tough one, and the competition for clients can be fierce. But there are many ways to set yourself apart from competitors that don’t involve...

Six Things to Avoid in a Handwritten Thank You Note

By: Ilan Mann
April 4, 2021
When you receive a handwritten thank-you note from someone, it’s one of the most thoughtful gestures that person could make. It shows that they took time out of their day...

Bring back pen pals!

By: Ilan Mann
March 12, 2021
Imagine meeting your best friend for the first time, after sixty years. That’s the story of Canadian Dolores Baily and Australian Lyn Carpenter. They started corresponding at age ten through...

How writing letters can fight pandemic depression

By: Ilan Mann
October 14, 2020
Life-giving responses to COVID-19 can include: Physical distancing; Mask-wearing in public spaces; Handwritten letters; or, All of the above. The answer is four. Yes, actually. Handwriting letters to loved ones...

Turn e-commerce into an IRL relationship with handwritten letters

By: Ilan Mann
October 2, 2020
E-commerce is everything for entrepreneurs in 2020. The NASDAQ estimates that by 2040, 95% of purchases will be facilitated by e-commerce. But we are already seeing that shift happening now....

12 Tactics for Using Handwritten Letters in Your Sales Funnel

By: Ilan Mann
September 24, 2020
Sales funnels. If you’re an entrepreneur or salesperson, you’ve heard the term enough to make your ears bleed. Yes, those YouTube ads by teenage sales “gurus” are torturous. (“Here’s how...

5 Tips for Writing a Personal Letter

By: Ilan Mann
April 9, 2020
A few years ago, a client of ours – a large charity – goofed up and sent a handwritten thank-you card to a donor, and another to her husband, for...